Our Competition

We are fairly certain that for what we do; we are the best and probably the cheapest in the industry. We are also willing to put our money where our mouth is on this matter! So this is our competition – Feel free to have a look at what they have to offer, talk to them and ask them questions.

  • ICUC Moderation is a Canadian based moderation company, fairly well respected and most of the moderators we know quite like working for them. Quite an impressive Canadian client base.
  • Tempero is UK based moderation company with a fairly decent large-client Portfolio – Many of which also seem to be clients of the other companies too.
  • Wiredtrust would appear to be the polar opposite of us – But obviously what some clients want. I have known the owner of Wiredtrust for years and she’s a great sort but it’s not our style of moderation at all:

    “WiredTrust recognizes that your moderators are the first line of defense of your brand. They must know how to spot the less apparent risks and dig a little further to ensure quality moderation. They must be vetted, trained, certified, on premises, using certified equipment with kill technologies, keystroke logging and oversight tools to allow for quality control by escalators and on site supervisors”

    They have KILL TECHNOLOGIES! BEWARE BAD MODERATORS! … That being said, if you really want (or are legally required to have) this level of oversight in your moderation then it may well be a good idea to look at them!

  • Crisp Thinking is a fairly new kid on the block but appears to be quite good at automated moderation for platforms like Facebook and Youtube – and also for various gaming platforms too. Because a lot of their work is automated they will probably beat us, and every other company on here, hands down for price and performance on those platforms – Luckily we don’t compete in that area.
  • Emoderation is another UK based moderation company which offers moderation and community management in a number of languages. They used to have quite an impressive client portfolio.
  • Getsatisfaction are not strictly a moderation company, but they do occasionally venture into that arena. They have an impressive client-base.

We don’t know anything personally about these other companies – But will list them for completeness.

  • Metaverse Modsquad claims to have quite an impressive set of clients – Many of which of course are also claimed as clients by the other moderation companies.
  • Scout Moderation is a US company mostly specialising in Facebook and Twitter moderation.
  • WWW moderation says they are the “#1 Moderation Services Provider” and has the strangest stock-image web site we have ever seen – We have no idea what they do though!
  • Foiwe (how do you pronounce that!?) seem to do some moderation on the side along with data entry and payroll – An odd mix.
  • Crowdsource has cute little inline graphics – But again we know nothing about them.
  • Filtur is another Canadian company that says: “Hosting online forums are extremely robust and if not done properly can be problematic to how your organization is viewed.” – We don’t have a clue what this means but at least they claim some core-values so that’s a plus.
  • EngageQ seem to be mostly in the viral marketing trade but also claim some moderation services.

Questions you may consider asking:

  • Are you double billing us? Is the moderator working on my site working just on my site or are they working on other things at the same time?
  • Are the moderators paid to do their various other company work at other times, or are they going to be using the time we are paying for to do their diaries, get technical support etc.
  • How many levels of people do the moderators have to go through when there is an emergency to get to somebody who actually knows all about the project (and isn’t just reading from a crib sheet) and is empowered to take action?
  • How much administrative work are the moderators doing on shift that is essentially pointless? Are moderators balancing how much moderation they are doing with how much logging they would have to do?
  • Can we see the resumes of every moderator working on your site… And will these be updated as the moderators change – Will we be told why they change?
  • Can any moderator email us if they have any issues or do they have to go through management?
  • What do you pay your moderators?
  • Are your moderators employed legally and ethically? Are they being treated like humans? Do they get sick pay? Are there working time regulations in place? Do they get breaks? Are they constantly monitored for speed over accuracy? Are they going to die of stress related illnesses in 5 years of working for you?
  • Are you sure on those last points?
  • Are you really sure on those last points?
  • If you are really sure on those last points, and we ask the moderators working on our project some day in the future and we find you are lying, will you pay us every penny we ever paid you back?
  • Do you have single points of failure, or even multiple single points of failure? What would happen if you had a Denial of Service attack on parts of your key infrastructure?
  • Who has access to our sites and passwords? We are talking your technical staff here – So can we see the resume of every one of them please?

We could, of course, answer these questions for quite a few of the companies on this page, which is one of the reasons we don’t mind pointing you in their direction.