All of our moderators are certified free-range!Welcome to Trolltamers.

Trolltamers stopped doing what it did back in 2015, and we also lost the super-cool web page we had alas. So just for the sake of history, I have moved some of the old content to here and spent minutes making a holding-logo out of an egg!

I am not sure there’s much space in the industry for a company like this any more, I get a few requests from people in industry groups asking about bespoke content moderation so there probably is. Maybe we will come back if we ever find a project big enough and interesting enough, but for now we are in hibernation.

We are a co-cooperatively run moderation, community management and social-media security & policy consultancy and advice and support group.

We treat the clients we have fairly and we try to be as transparent and as honest with them as we possibly can be – At the same time we like to think that on the business side, as a company run by its workforce, we are likely to make sure that we do a better job than our competitors. As you may notice from this web page, we have somewhat turned the existing industry model completely on its head. We don’t do things the same way as the other moderation companies because we have all spent years doing that and it just doesn’t always work that well for anybody.

We only do bespoke moderation and very little of what we do is automated. We don’t waste our time or our client’s time producing reams of logs and data that nobody will ever read; instead we will look after your site or community like it’s one of our own and we will only use moderators who want to work on and are interested and excited about the project. If we think you would be better served by one of our automated competitors, we will tell you that from the start. We are a somewhat niche moderation company and we are proud of that status.

We can get the best moderators in the industry. We know all of the other moderation companies and we know their good staff. This is a small community. If we want somebody specifically to work on something we will just ask them to come and do some work for us and pay them fairly for it. We don’t lock people in on restrictive contracts, the only thing we insist on is that they don’t currently work directly for anybody competing with you.

We put our moderators first; they are our company after all. Happy moderators make much better moderators and we hope this reflects in how we do business. We also offer advice and support to other moderators from other companies with the aim of maybe slightly improving the entire industry. It certainly needs it!

Want to know more? Have a read and if you like what you see, drop us a line. We don’t mind if you don’t really know what you want and if we can’t help we may be able to point you at somebody else who can.